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"an ideal place for holidays under the Andalusian sun."

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La Mariposa Apartment

Is La Mariposa on the ground floor?


No, it is only reachable by climbing or descending a flight of stairs

Is the terrace safe for small kids?

Yes, the terrace is surrounded by a balustrade, with a gate

How far are the beaches from the apartment?

Between 12 and 15 kms over good tar roads

Can we bring our pet?

No problem! Provided it is house trained

Does my pet need special papers?

EU pets have free traveling, check your vet for other countries

Is tap water potable?

The local people drink it, but do not rely on it, drink bottled water

What is the voltage in Spain?

Like other EU countries: 220 – 240 V

What kind of sockets are usually used?

A two pin socket is normal. Please bring an adaptor if you have different plugs on your appliances


 Weather & Climate

What is the weather like in July/August?


Hot and dry! 30 degrees C or more!

How cold is it during the winter months?

Usually it is between 10 and 20 degrees C

What kind of clothing to bring?

Light summer clothing and warm winter clothing, although T- shirts and shorts are fine during daytime in winter

When does it usually rain?

Most rain will fall in November, December and January, but some showers can also be expected during spring

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To which airport should I fly?


Jerez de la Frontera, Seville or Malaga

How far is the apartment from the airports?

See the section ‘how to get there

Is it necessary to hire a car to get around?

Yes, preferably beforehand; because hire upon arrival at airports is expensive

Can I rent a car in Vejer de la Frontera?

Yes, but it is expensive, better in Chiclana de la Frontera . Check for good and cheap rental cars.

Do I need an International Driving License?

No, you can drive your own car or a rented one with your own driving license (up till three months, thereafter with an International Driving License), but you cannot drive a private Spanish registered car

Are there any special traffic regulations?

No, just like the rest of the EU. But remember the Guardia Civil is very active and also very polite; make sure to fasten your seatbelts, have your driving license with you and obey speed limits!

How to get to Vejer de la Frontera?

See the section ‘how to get there



Are there ATM’s in Vejer de la Fra or in other towns nearby?


Yes, several in most towns. They serve MasterCard, Visa and others

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes, in most shops and restaurants you can use the common credit cards

Can we change foreign currency and/or Traveler’s Checks?

Yes, in every bank



How far are the beaches from Vejer de la Frontera?


Between 12 and 15 kms one finds beaches at El Palmar, Caños de Meca, Trafalgar, Zahara, Conil, Barbate and several others

Are there naturist beaches?

Yes, many, as naturism is legal in Spain

I like to wear a mono-kini, is that accepted?

Yes, on this side of Spain wearing mono-kini’s is not unusual



I need certain medicines, are most available?


Yes, Pharmacies are well stocked, medicines are in general cheaper and often available without recipe

I am diabetic/vegetarian, do restaurants cater for me?

Yes, but you have to tell them beforehand

In case of emergencies, is there a hospital?

Yes, there are several, all well staffed and well equipped

What about accessibility for disabled persons?

Vejer has steep slopes and lots of stairs; definitely not advisable for people using a wheel chair or with walking difficulties



Do the local people speak English or German?


No, rarely, although young people do sometimes speak a little, Basic knowledge of Spanish is advisable

Are English/German newspapers available?

Yes, but in the summer months only (Vejer de la Fra, Conil and Barbate)

Can I call with my (home) mobile phone from Spain?

Most networks are compatible, please check at home before you leave

Are there Internet Café’s in town?

Yes, there are several with good and fast servers

Do we need to bring things like nappies, pet food, etc?

No, everything is available in the supermarkets

We like shopping, where to go?

There are huge supermarkets like Le Carrefour, Les Cortes Ingles, Lidl, Supersol and many others, plus local markets

We are interested in buying some property, are there reliable Real Estate agents?

Yes, there are several well known and trustworthy agents who really care for their clients

We like horse riding / sailing / hiking / surfing / hang gliding / mountain biking…. etc; where do we find all the information?

Check and other sites before you start your holidays and make sure to make reservations for the high season

There is no time difference between Spain and the rest of Western Europe, why is the sunrise so much later?

Because Spain is located much further west than almost any other country in Europe, but they stick to the West European time zone


How to get there

There are a number of different ways to get to Vejer de la Frontera, the following routes are just an indication

1. From Malaga Airport to Vejer de la Frontera (180 - 200 km)

Leave Malaga Airport, turn right onto N340, direction Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras, Tarifa, Vejer de la Frontera, (Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera.) Do NOT drive into Malaga town. When the N340 becomes the AP-7 toll road (peaje) it is advised to take this (cost approx. € 12) to avoid hopeless delay in towns and road constructions. Pass the towns of Estepona, Algeciras, Tarifa. Shortly after passing the turn-off to Medina Sidonia you will arrive at Vejer’s turn off at your left.

2. From Sevilla and Jerez Airport to Vejer de la Frontera (Respectively 175 and 85 km)
Take the Sevilla ring south until you reach the A4 motorway in the Direction of Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz (toll road) and
Algeciras . Coming from Jerez de la Frontera Airport take the new autostrada E5/A48 in the direction of Algeciras.Near and just before Cádiz, turn onto the N340 direction Chiclana, Vejer de la Frontera and Algeciras . After a bou t 45 km along the N340, take the first turn-off at your right indicating Vejer de la Frontera.

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3. Reaching Vejer de la Frontera
Go for three quarters around the rounda
bout which has “VEJER” written in big concrete letters. Follow the signs and go up the hill to Vejer (2 km)





Please send us an email to inquire about the possibilities of renting La Mariposa