This region has the widest and most beautiful golden beaches along the Atlantic coast, El Palmar is ideal for resting, tanning, reading away a lazy afternoon or for a long walk and bathing in the gentle waves. Canos de Meca is full of life and fun, with more visitors and a perfect cove for wind surfing. Zahora has beautiful beaches, backed by cliffs and pine trees, perched on cliff-tops along the coast road. Trafalgar Bay’s beaches are overlooked by the imposing Trafalgar lighthouse. This is of course the scene of the famous battle. All along these beaches, areas have been reserved for naturist sun-lovers.

The best place to buy fruit and vegetables, as well as finding bargain clothes and household goods, remains the local market. For serious shoppers the major cities are a paradise as well; a wide range of all major brand names are available for prices lower than the ones in the more northern European cities.

For a change you can take a short boat-ride which brings you from the nearby harbor of Tarifa to exotic Morocco and the fascinating cities of Tanger and Ceuta.

And of course the best sherries are made from the grapes growing on these sun-beaten hills. Visiting these Bodega’s is a spiritual experience!

For the more active holiday makers there is an astounding variety of outdoor activities available, like golf, (deep-sea) fishing, snorkeling & diving, hiking, bird-watching, horseback-riding, visiting the famous stables in Jerez, go-carting, sailing, whale- & dolphin-watching, mountain biking, hang-gliding, wind- & kite-surfing and even skiing in the Sierra Nevada.